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Long-Term Care Insurance

Understand, Access and Purchase Policies

An important element of our senior financial planning service is helping individuals and families gain a better understanding of the benefits of long-term care (LTC) insurance. After 25+ years working directly with LTC insurance carriers, the Longevity Income Solutions team has the expertise to guide you through this marketplace and cut through the red tape.

If you don’t currently have an LTC policy, we will help you determine the coverage you may be eligible for so you can add this valuable asset to your portfolio.

For those with existing LTC coverage, we can help you determine:

  • Are your insurance policies being used to maximum benefit?
  • Are you paying for any unnecessary overlap in coverage?
  • Are your out-of-pocket care costs held to the absolute minimum?

Our team explores your current policies to ensure that those benefits are being utilized for maximum benefit. We provide solutions that guide individuals toward the most effective ways to use their existing coverage options to reduce their out-of-pocket care costs before and during their time of medical need.

Learn about how our advisors review veterans’ benefits and Medicare/Medicaid coverage as well.

Let us ease the stress of your care journey

Reach out to a team member at Longevity Income Solutions for a no-cost consultation on how you can take back control of your assets and care costs.


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