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Veterans’ Benefits

For Veterans and Families

Every veteran’s service to our nation has ensured our safety and freedom, and it’s our honor to ensure they are given the best support and care in their golden years. This is especially important when it comes to managing the significant costs of long-term care, an issue faced by many elderly veterans.

Numerous programs are available to ease the burdens of paying for long-term care for veterans and their families. In addition to VA healthcare programs, pensions and housing assistance, veterans may be eligible for:

  • Aid and attendance (A&A) monthly income
  • Nutrition and wellness assistance
  • Home healthcare visits
  • Burial and memorial benefits

Don’ let these and other resources aimed at making long-term care more affordable and sustainable go unused. We will work closely with you to ensure you and your loved one are making the most of the veteran’s benefits they’re eligible for.

Learn about how our advisors review existing long-term care insurance coverage and Medicare/Medicaid coverage as well.

Let us ease the stress of your care journey

Reach out to a team member at Longevity Income Solutions for a no-cost consultation on how you can take back control of your assets and care costs.


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