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Who Serve Seniors and Families

Working with You to Support Seniors and Families

As a wealth advisor or estate planner, your fiduciary responsibility involves more than just asset protection—it extends to comprehensive planning for your client’s future. Likewise, geriatric care managers may be called upon to find expert financial advice for their clients as their care needs change.

We enhance your efforts and assist your client by addressing a critical piece of the financial puzzle: paying for long-term care.

Our specialized service scrutinizes each client’s coverage—whether they’re planning for their own senior years or those of an older loved one—to ensure it aligns with their needs and financial strategies. Our aim is to optimize health benefits, uncover potential savings, and avert unforeseen expenses, thereby solidifying financial security in their golden years. In this way, we help you provide comprehensive estate planning that considers all aspects of your client’s financial future.

The Power of Yes at 85 and Older

For senior financial planners, it is difficult to see a client who has no LTC policy suffer the financial burden of an illness after retirement. Until now, there was little you could do to support them. Longevity’s LIA solution was uniquely designed to lift this burden, no matter the age. Even a client who is 100 years old can take advantage of our LIA.

We will provide you with the educational resources and products to go back to these clients with a solution to ease their worry and support their care needs. Where most insurance stops, the LIA begins. Even elderly clients who are already receiving costly care are eligible to qualify for an LIA. Caring for your clients is a generational benefit to your business. Longevity aims to help you serve all your clients no matter where they are on their care journey.

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Longevity Income Annuity

Partner with us to help your clients on their care journey

Give your client permission and dignity to intelligently use their assets to pay for their care.