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Senior Financial Planning

For Your Long-Term Care Journey

Yes, the long-term care industry is complex.

Senior financial planning involves a lot of unknowns. With so many in-home services and care communities available, anticipating how to best meet a senior’s care needs can be challenging and time consuming. Understanding the related costs adds another level of stress and emotional burden on you and your family.


We help by organizing the many financial planning options available to you, including:

  • Existing/pre-planned long-term care financing
  • Personal financing and insurance strategies
  • Federal entitlement programs including Medicare and Medicaid eligibility
  • Veterans’ benefits
  • Tax deductions associated with the cost of care
  • Power of attorney support and necessary legal documents
  • Understanding family dynamics
  • Educational resources that help seniors and their families

Our team can help you find and qualify for options that you may not know exist, such as veterans’ income assistance programs, state and federal programs for prescription support and even Medicaid. We’ll help you utilize all available benefits to provide a powerful backstop for the financial toll of your long-term care needs.

Learn more about our solutions:

Let us ease the stress of your care journey

Reach out to a team member at Longevity Income Solutions for a no-cost consultation on how you can take back control of your assets and care costs.


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