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Serving Seniors & Families

Financial Plans Now and Later

The Storm Before the Calm

Many families are not prepared for the financial and emotional burden of a loved one suddenly requiring long-term care.

  • How will you help your loved one through this overwhelming ordeal?
  • How will your family finance their ongoing and escalating care costs?
  • Are you aware of all your options for coordinated care?
  • Are you confident in the decisions you are making for your family?

Longevity Income Solutions helps seniors at all stages of their care journey in designing a financial plan to cover their long-term care costs. Effective planning and a sound financial strategy can allow seniors to maintain control of their care and minimize the burden on their loved ones. It can shield the legacy you’ve created for your family.

A Break in the Clouds – Maintain Your Financial Dignity

Leveraging decades of research and experience, Longevity Income Solutions has gained deep insights into the complexities of the long-term care industry. We’re dedicated to making senior care affordable and accessible for everyone.

Working with the family decision maker or power of attorney, we empower seniors and their families with financial plans for current needs and long-term care.

Let us ease the stress of your care journey

Reach out to a team member at Longevity Income Solutions for a no-cost consultation on how you can take back control of your assets and care costs.


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